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Zombie Deer Disease Can Be Transmitted To Humans

Zombie deer disease is widespread throughout the Midwest, the United States. Some experts warn that this could be a threat to humans. Even this zombie deer disease can spread to humans.

In medical terms, this disease is called chronic wasting disease affecting deer, elk (moose), and moose (North American deer species). This disease erodes the brain so that the animal saliva and lethargic like a zombie.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained, cases of chronic wasting disease have been reported in at least 24 states and two provinces in Canada, reported from CBS News, Tuesday, February 26, 2019.

The disease is always fatal. It is thought to spread among animals through contact with contaminated body fluids and tissues. This can also be transmitted indirectly through environmental exposure. For example, contaminated drinking water or food.

"This is a disease that you can't get rid of," said Iowa Wildlife Division's Natural Resources Division, Dale Garner. "So far, there is no cure. So long as there are deer, then it (chronic wasting disease) continues to spread from one animal to another."

Until now, there have been no cases of chronic wasting disease in humans. However, some people raise concerns, this disease can pose a threat to people.

Director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, Michael Osterholm warns, the nature of this disease is similar to mad cow disease. Diseases that can be transmitted from infected cows to humans.

"This is my best professional judgment based on experience from public health. It is likely that cases of chronic human wasting disease associated with contaminated meat consumption (deer) will be recorded in the coming years," explained Michael.

It is possible, the number of cases of zombie deer disease in humans will be very large.
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