Menikahlah dengan seseorang yang akan membuatmu jatuh cinta kepada Allah setiap hari.

KUTARAJA.COM  -   Already Comfortable, But Still Not Dare to Continue to the Assistance Because Not Yet Established

Marriage supplies are good intentions, good religion, and responsibility. Not abundant treasure, establishment, high office, house, car, and anything that smells of worldliness stirred up.

Great reception? it's just a habit, so don't over-indulge your desire to achieve something that you think is beautiful, because it might not be beautiful before God because your intentions have gone wrong at the beginning.

For this reason, whoever you are who is currently comfortable in a relationship that you establish, but still do not dare to continue to the aisle because it is not fully established as you imagine, then throw away such thoughts.

Who Measures Sustenance Is God, If God Wills When You Decide "Married" God Brings Abundant Fortune

What are you afraid of in your future? because you don't have enough guarantees and assets to live independently after marriage?

Remember, the measure of sustenance is God, who regulates how your life with your partner is God, and if God wants to turn things around then it could be that when you decide to "marry" God brings abundant sustenance.
Wulan Sari Hidup Ini Cuma Sekali, Maka Manfaatkan Hidup Ini Dengan Berbagi Kebaikan Antara Sesama

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